Watts Motoring Offers Quality Made Products To You
A Family Owned & Operated Business
My Passion for automobiles started over 45
years ago.  Whether it was my first car, a
1956 Chevy, or one of the dozens I later
owned, I took pride in making them my own.  
My family shares the same values as I do, but
with different tastes and styles.
Mitch Watts
One thing is evident in our business; we take
pride in our work and strongly believe in
quality and service to our customers.  In
addition, I enjoy automotive customizing and
have invented and designed some of the
products on our web site.
Watts Motoring Accessories will always be
looking for new and exciting products to help
you to protect and personalize your
Happy Motoring
Watts Motoring Accessories 1331 Walker St San Luis Obispo California 93401
WMA 2007
Please Contact Us At watts2u@sbcglobal.net
Watts Motoring is an
authorized Covercraft
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